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Lunch: Mon-Sat from 12pm - 2pm
Dinner: 7 Days from 5pm - 10pm
Delivery: 7 days for Dinner
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About Our Restaurant

Welcome to the era of the British Raj. A step into the Rangoon Colonial Club Restaurant transforms the world around you. You are presented with the luxuriant surroundings and cuisine pleasures enjoyed by the Royals during the British Raj.

The golden aesthetics of the environment, the hush of the palm trees and lull of the contextual melody plunge you into a realm of dining ecstasy. To experience the real taste, service and ambience of British Colonial India come visit us and 'feel the difference'. It''s not any ordinary Indian cuisine but a true colonial restaurant.

The Rangoon Colonial Club Restaurant has been in existence since 1990. All of our customers enjoy the food, atmosphere and service, as it's one of a kind......

Once you eat at the Rangoon Racquet no matter where you come from, you always want to return and the best thing is that you can't taste this food anywhere else. If you would like to taste the real food, ambiance and service experienced by people like Lord Mountbatten during the British Raj in India, then come visit us.

About Our History



The early beginnings of the British Raj started when a number of small companies trading in spices were granted a charter on December 31 in the year 1600. They were given the grand title of, The Governor and Company of Merchants of London Trading to the East Indies, which in turn became the East India Trading Company. An embassy was then established in Jahangir in the palace of mogul emperor. Because the Dutch and Portugese had most of the far-east to themselves, the British turned their attention to the great subcontinent of India. The Dutch and the Portugese were finally ousted out, all but for Goa on the west coast. In 1690 a trading post was built on the site of a little village in Bengal called Kali Ghat, now known as Calcultta. The French saw the opportunity to colonize India. In 1751 the fort at Arcot was seized by the British who after nearly two months of constant attacks by the French, managed to hold the fort, this was due to a small time thug from Wales, who back home used to run amongst other things, a protection racket, he was an employee of the East India Company, his name was Robert Clive, later to be known as Clive of India. He was appointed Governor General to Bengal. The days of the British Raj had begun.

This is your opportunity to taste the food relished by the Royals during the British Raj.